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The Case for Modeling Your Actions Around Long-Term Goals

April 17, 2019

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to write an article that I'd believe could still be relevant a year later.

Right away that meant removing keywords like "trends" and "tactics" from my mind.

In the world of business, it's good to be up to date with trends, emerging industries and professional tactics (marketing tactics in my case).

That said, those change pretty frequently, so to me, it makes sense that they should be expected to have a much lower long-term value than they do in the short term.

In contrast, one could argue that long-term principles have a lower short-term value than tactics and trends.

The problem is that when we get too caught up in thinking about day-to-day tactics and tasks, we forget to ever make time for longer-term thinking and planning... and time flies.

It's good to remind ourselves to strike a balance and that, quite often, sacrificing short-term gains in order to hold true to our long-term vision and principles tends to be a pretty good trade-off... both financially and morally.

My two cents: Invest in good principles and build your career and business around them.

You can read that article here.